Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3...2...1 ::: Here We Go!!

I did it!

My first post on Wholehearted Radiance. Well, once I hit 'Publish' I will have done it, but I got started, so that counts for something, right?   It's a big leap just to get here. I kept asking myself all these questions..

Do I need a new blog? {Welll, I really miss my old one....}

What will the focus be? {Not just my family, but God's plan + purpose for us.}

Is it a good way to spend my time that is already so precious? {YES! Because I need to blog for sanity, fellowship, and creative outlet!}

What good can come from a new blog? {It will help me process these changes coming up in our lives.}

After mulling these questions over and over (and doing lots of pen + paper journaling), I finally got up the courage to answer these questions and begin this new phase of my life (and my family's).

You see, coming up with a new blog didn't just mean coming up with a new blog. It meant a commitment. And a big one at that. I have a secret. A secret that only my husband and I know, and within five months time our lives will change dramatically. For me, for Husband, for E and T (my two kidlets (3.5 and 1.5).  Everything will change.

So... shhhhhhhh...

Because we aren't revealing this secret until a later date. But, please stick around and join me on my journey of finding and fulfilling my purpose to live out God's Will. And help me SHINE His light during every minute of it!

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