Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meet Mrs. Polleys

After three posts I realized that I haven't told you all much about Me!

I go by lots of different names: Sarah, Mrs. Polleys, Mama, Momeeeee, Girly, and even the ocassional 'Silly Willy.'

That last name probably seems pretty goofy until you learn that I have a three year old daughter who has a more funky and outgoing personality than the rest of our family combined. Meet E.

Momeeeee is my name according to my one and a half year old son, T. Please excuse him, he is busy chowing down a pretzel.

Husband is the one who calls me Girly, Mama and once in a great while, Sarah. He is an amazing Youth Minister, Dada and, of course, husband! We all love him to pieces.

But, what about me?

Here are the top 7 most interesting facts about ME {according to a long, laborious, and expensive poll} HA!

1. I live in Northern Michigan, an hour from the Mackinaw Bridge {that connects our case you are unfamiliar with the boonies of the United States.} We are 5 minutes from Lake Michigan and at night the only lights we see are the stars.

2. I teach 5th-8th grades {all in one class... Yup! It's a tiny school!} at a private Christian School. I have 13 students and we are pretty tight-knit!

3. Reading is my favorite hobby and pastime. I grew up hanging out in various libraries thanks to my mom's career!

4. I love my coffee black when I'm at home and I love caramel mocha lattes when I am on the go.

5. My husband and I have matching tattoos that we got on a whim while we were in college. Now, THAT was fun!!

6. We are Disney World fanatics, loving the magic, the wonder and the loveliness of the place.

7. I bought my first pair or skinny jeans about 1 week ago, and it was a big deal! {I am more of a boot cut girl!}

Hmmm, maybe those aren't the MOST interesting, now that I am looking back, but you'll get to know me more as time goes on. :)

Okay....fine! A couple more random facts:

I love purple and green. Homemade Mac and cheese is my favorite dish. James is my favorite book of the Bible. I love shopping for my kids more than myself {most of the time}. And, I teach Sunday school for the three and four year olds...including E!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I can't wait to get to know you! ;)

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